• Another chance in Singapore : BCA 2018
    Another chance in Singapore : BCA 2018

    2018-07-03 17:10:52

    We are rushing our feet to another exhibition after ANGACOM in Germany. There is another show called BroadcastAsia in Singapore in June 25th to 28th. We found this show is the unique opportunity to lead us to the Asia market. Our product design is well accepted by the customers and we hope  we can open the market more wide in the near futuer. Meanwhile, cusomters are also asking for IP products which we will release in the coming month in the next show. Please wait for it. BCA 2018 AT SUNTEC SOUKA BOOTH AT 6P2-06 OUR SALES AND OUR CUSTOMERS THANK YOU FOR VISITING US SOUKA 16 IN 1 DIGITAL HEADEND SEE YOU NEXT YEAR IN BCA 2019

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  • Looking for a new star : ANGACOM 2018
    Looking for a new star : ANGACOM 2018

    2018-07-03 16:58:04

    This is my second time that I have attended the ANGACOM. And it is a very postive experience for me. The exhibition is beyond my expectations! It lasts for three day but with a record of 21,700 participants and more than 500 exhibitors. SOUKA this time has brought its IP products and Media Platform, which catches eyes from customers from different countries. Now let's check the exhibiton again. THE ANGACOM 2018 21,700 VISITORS IN THREE-DAY THE SOUKA BOOTH AT HALL 8-O72 THE STAR PRODUCT OF SOUKA : SKD121X DIGITAL MODULATOR SKD2036C DVB-T MODULATOR SUPPORT HD OR SD EMAIL ME FOR PRICE LIST : KEN@SOUKACATV.COM

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  • Follow the light : The NAB show 2018
    Follow the light : The NAB show 2018

    2018-04-23 10:57:32

    New opportunities, new challenge and new era are the highlight of NAB show 2018. This year with more newcomers who bring innovative technology, the show has become a must-visit one. THE NAB SHOW 2018 NAB SHOW VISITORS THE SOUKA BOOTH The most popular product : 16 IN 1 Digital Headend FEATURE 1 : 16 pieces plug-and-play modulator cards in a 4RU chassis FEATURE 2 : Mobile phone APP for easy setup FEATURE 3 : Input resolution up to 1080P with the same output resolution Customers The task is so heavy but it surely will bring a great fruit only if you put your heart in it. Anyway, there is a long way to go.

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    2018-03-30 16:42:53

    CCBN is the largest broadcast digital media and satellite exhibition in Asia. With its powerful influence, it has attracted the  industry-leading companies and visitors all over the world. SOUKA, as the regular exhibitior for the past 10 years , took its part in CCBN during March 22nd to 24th 2018. BEIJING CCBN 2018 SOUKA BOOTH : 2A201 THE PRODUCT LINE This time we brought our most cost-saving HD headend : SKD271X ; and the samll bee for Euro market : SKD2036C. And the big guy : SKD28, which supports all kinds of input cards and output cards in a 3RU media platform. Please contact our sales team to explore more. THE SALES TEAM INTRODUCING THE PRODUCTS WITH SOUKA'S OLD FRIENDS We never stop our feet. We are marching to the great good step by step. We have faith in this business and our company. See you in NAB 2018 soon.

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  • Going for Gold: SOUKA IN CABSAT 2018
    Going for Gold: SOUKA IN CABSAT 2018

    2018-03-30 14:51:04

    Traditionally,January has been a quiet busy month for all the Chinese manufacturer since the Spring Festival days are coming by. When we take 8 hours flight to Dubai for the CABSAT 2018,we found the market is full of opportunity and a trend into digital products. After one year's test and research, SOUKA's digital modulators has won a great reputation in the Mideast market, which also drews attention from the European market. CABSAT 2018 DUBAI The most popular product is our SKD271X Digital Modulator Headend. It integrates 16pieces of modulators and combine all the signals into one RF output. Not only can the modulator work in the base unit holding upto 16 slots, but it can work stand-alone. Find out more information by clicking the picture below: SKD2036C A Modulator supports mobile phone APP control SOUKA's Booth ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS What makes work interesting is that we are taking what works today. SOUKA is young and energetic with strong ambition. We will make another move in the coming exhibition in Beijing CCBN 2018. Just wait and see.

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