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Audio video modulator 16 channels 16 IN 1 Analog Channel Modulator for Hotel Cable TV System
The SK-16M is a 4RU rack mounted chassis that allows for installation of up to 16 pieces microprocessor-controlled fixed mini modulators. Built-in active combiner eliminates unnecessary cabling and potential connection problem and ensures high output level. All modulator cards are perfect factory set to desired channels and proper offset.
24 in 1 multiswitch 24 IN 1 Analog Fixed Channel Modulator Headend
The SK-24M is a 3RU rack mounted chassis that allows for installation of up to 24 pieces micro-processor-controlled fixed mini-modulators. Built-in active combiner eliminates the unnecessary cabling and potential connection problem and ensures the high output level . All analog modulators are perfect factory set to desired channel and proper offset.
16 in 1 encoder modulator 16 IN 1 Digital Modulator Headend System
The SKD-M27 a 4RU pre-installed headend system which is perfectly set in factory. It consists of 16 pieces HD or SD modulator cards and a base unit with power supply and active combiner. With its size and cost-saving price, it becomes the most popular digital modulator headend in the hotel cable TV system.
SKD2036 DVB-T and ISDB-T Encoder Modulator DVB-T and ISDB-T Encoder Modulator
The SKD203X is a wall mounted digital modulator, which works by offering the incoming HD signal or CVBS signal into the H.264 encoder and output as a standard DVB-T or ISDB-T RF signal. With the easy front panel control you can set up the system in minutes.
Box Type Encoder Modulator Encoder Modulator with HD and RF Loop
The SKD201X is the most cost-effective and smallest form factor solution in the market. With the second HDMI output port and a RF loop port, user can easily install the system with different requirements. Extremely compact and wall mountable, the SKD201X fits into any space virtually.
IP to NTSC PAL modulator IP to Analog Modulator with NTSC and PAL Output
SKD1709B is a high-density IP to analog RF platform that carry 32/48/64 any channels in a 2U box. Browser based user interface facilitate system setup and maintenance efficiency. This outstanding headend system consumes much less power than other competitors, eventually reduce operating cost and extend life cycle.
SOUKA SKD211X Digital TV Encoder Modulator Digital TV Encoder Modulator HD to RF Modulator
The SKD211X is a high performance and cost-effective modulator. It encodes, multiplexes and modulates the two HD signals into 1 RF signal (DVB-C / DVB-T / ATSC/ QAM / DTMB factory set). The NMS port also can be used as the IP data input port to take in the camera IP signal with ONVIF protocol. The camera IP signals will be modulated into the RF channel as well.
16 IN 1 agile modulator 16 CHANNELS AGILE MODULATOR
The SKD162X is a professional quality agile modulator with 16 output channels in 1RU size. It is SAW filtered and microprocessor controlled with an output capability of 860MHz. Setup and tuning are easy and simple by the front panel. The unit offers high performance, low cost and compact design for the system operators.
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    High dense modular design with hot-swap function; Easy installation with web UI; Uniterrupted maintenance to avoid service break
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    More and better service on TV screen; Less cabling and wire; The latest technology and the cost-efficient solution
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    SAW filters applied; Microprocessor control; High output level at 110dBμV; Excellent flatness out-band
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Dingshengwei Electronics Co.,Ltd
     Dingshengwei Electronics Co.,Ltd (DSW) is dedicated to design, manufacture and sales of CATV analog,digital and IPTV modulator with our brand name SOUKA. DSW obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate authorized by CQC. We have 100 in-house skillful workers, which ensures the punctual delivery date. And a professional engineer team made up of 10 senior RF engineers and 6 IT engineers to fulfil precise management over all projects honored by our customers.    As one of the most reliable suppliers in this field, we continually spare no efforts in developing DSW into a world recognized brand with trustworthy and solid reputation. DSW sincerely invites you to enjoy the fascinating experience of modern technology and excellent customer service provided for you by our professional staff.     At the forefront of technological trends and developments, DSW is with you each step of the way. Our products cover in analog modulator, digital modulator and IPTV device at the meanwhile we also can provide your a full soluiton in analog,digital and IPTV system.     Our mission is making easy and efficient products. Our values are always to be reliable and innovative. We never stop to bring more products. FACTORY TOURIST Reception Office Meeting Room SMT DIP Assembling Line What we are manufacturing now?    
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    Professional Engineer Team
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  • ISO9001:2008
    DSW obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate authorized by CQC.
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(DSW) is dedicated to design, manufacture and sales of CATV analog & digital headend with our brand name SOUKA. DSW obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate authorized by CQC.
Happy New Year 2022
Dec. 29, 2021 Happy New Year 2022
HAPPY NEW YEAR The entire SOUKA team wishes you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year! We’d like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2022 and beyond!
Heartfelt congratulations to SOUKA
Dec. 30, 2020 Heartfelt congratulations to SOUKA
Heartfelt congratulations to SOUKA Congratulations! SOUKA team has successfully installed the IPTV system for Tuoren Group. Tuoren is buliding a IPTV system for 50 TVs covering its office, factory, canteen and dormitory area. So we need to send out its video in IP stream format and make sure there's nothing missing during its transmittion. What we choose for this project are our SKD1910 HDMI TO IP modulator and our best streamer SKD33. The work is simple but the test is lasted for one month without any signal break-out. Congratulations! Suuper Job,my team!! Here comes the sunshine---SKD1910 HDMI to IP modulator!
Merry Christmas 2020!
Dec. 23, 2020 Merry Christmas 2020!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's a tough year for 2020. But we have came across it and we will move to another brand one with hope. Please accept our warmest wishes. With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christams season. Hope things are going all right with you. Don't forget to hang up the sock ! We will bring you a gift then.
Broadcast Asia 2019: Explore the Hotel TV Future with SOUKA’s Digital Modulators
Jul. 25, 2019 Broadcast Asia 2019: Explore the Hotel TV Future with SOUKA’s Digital Modulators
Distinguished from the traditional exhibitions, this Broadcast Asia 2019 is leading the way for the digital media and broadcasting industries, especially in the East Asia, which has attracted many digital manufacturers/suppliers and customers from around the world. And SOUKA has also captured this chance and invited many customers and potential customers for face-to-face communication about the newest and innovative digital modulators. Under the leadership of President Mr. Han, one team of SOUKA has honorably attended the Broadcast Asia Expo on 18-20, June, 2019. Not only had a deeply research about the Asia Market (Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, etc.), but also knew more about the needs of the customers for our digital products, which laid a solid foundation for the future development of SOUKA. Once appeared on the Expos, SOUKA has got much more attentions from the old and new customers. Because there are so many consultations, President Mr. Han also took part in the team to give the detailed and vivid explanations and presentation for some customers. And the customers also were filled with admiration and respect with such wonderful presentation! The Customer admired with the President Mr. Han’s Presentation During this Broadcast Asia 2019, SOUKA has displayed several kinds of digital modulators, such as, SKD30, 1800, SK81 SET TOP BOX, 2036C, SKD1200, and small modules about 27 and 29 series. The SKD30 HD encode modulator is a one-stop business video and audio solution provider for the hotels, entertainment facilities, schools and hospitals, which can support 16 (or 18) modules with 2 (or 1) hot-plug redundant power supply. According to the different modules, it can totally support DVBT, DTMB, ISDB-T, ATSC and DVBC modulation modes. With 1U chassis, the SKD18 IP QAM Modulator supports 1-3 chargeable IPQAM modules, and each module has one 1 IP input and 4 RF outputs. Most importantly, it can support unicast and multicast over UDP, IGMP V2/V3. About the other products, the SKD81 Set Top Box is a network TV set top box, with custom multi-language promotion background, Logo, ADs, subtitle push and Wi-Fi functions. If you want to use at home, SKD2036c encoder modulator is just a perfect choice for the incoming HD and CVBS signals. The SKD12 series is the modulator with complexion, multiplexing and modulation. Supports 12 HD / standard definition input, 1 RF / IP output; and MPEG2 and H.264 encoding. With 3 days’ Exhibitions, SOUKA has got the great reputation among the customers, and made the big exploration about its brand SOUKA. The customers are not only very satisfied with our digital modulators, but also have great interest in the incoming new digital products in the near future. Also we have established some good business relationship with the customers. There are some photos with the admired and praised customers as follows: In general, it was such a successful business trip of Broadcast Asia 2019! It’s just the right tim...
When Digital Modulation Meets 5G TV -- ANGACOM 2019
Jul. 03, 2019 When Digital Modulation Meets 5G TV -- ANGACOM 2019
With the rapid development of 5G, the TVs, smartphones, digital products will brace the huge changes around the whole world. Germany -- as one of the European countries, which leading the way of latest and innovative broadcast equipment. Taking the newest digital modulators, SOUKA has also appeared in this Germany Expos - ANGACOM 2019. Actually it’s the third time to attend the ANGACOM EXPOS in these years. As one of the exhibitors of the ANGACOM 2019, has not only brought a fresh digital technology air for the customers, but also learnt from the other companies, including the aspects of 5G, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence for TVs, Smart Home, IPTV and so on. There are some scenes about the ANGACOM 2019 as follows: During the ANGACOM 2019, it has had at least 19,000 participants from 80 countries in Cologne, Germany from 4 to 6, June, 2019. Therefore, Souka has attracted many foreign people’s and the companies’ attentions. With so many consultations, the attendees of Souka have given detailed explanations and instruction for the interested and potential customers worldwide. This time, SOUKA has displayed some new and popular digital products, includes the SKD32 IPTV Gateway, SKD18 IP QAM Modulator, SKD30 and SKD19 Encode Modulators and the SKD29 digital modulators. The SKD32 IPTV Gateway is an IPTV signal receiving gateway with inputting multiple IPTV signals for Hotel TV systems, schools, hospitals and so on. It has several models, like SKD3206N (4 channels input, 1 channel output), and both SKD3208N and SKD3208P supports 6 channels input and 1 channel output. The characteristics of SKD18 IPQAM modulator are that it supports 1~3 pluggable IPQAM modules, and each module has 1 Gigabyte IP input and 4 arbitrary frequency point RF outputs. With DTMB, DVBC (J.83A/B/C), DVBT, and ATSC modulation modes. About the SKD19 and SKD30 encoder modulators, actually they are with the similar functions and the SKD19 digital modulator is the minimum version of the SKD30 and much more economical. And the SKD296X digital modulator is a dual HD input encoder modulator with H.264 encoding. For this business trip of ANGACOM 2019 in Germany, SOUKA has established many friendly business relationship with the customers in one aspect; in another aspect, we have been much familiar with the potential digital needs in the future development of the SOUKA digital products. Generally speaking, SOUKA has won great reputation and appraise from the customers around the world.
5G Era is Coming! NABSHOW 2019
Aug. 13, 2019 5G Era is Coming! NABSHOW 2019
2019, this year is an epoch-making year with the appearance of 5G network. How will the 5G network affect the communication, such as, the television(TV), mobile, radio, video, and so on? It has already got much more interests and curiosity from the people around the whole world. With this great opportunity, we will have a close contact via this global annual event on NAB Show, held April 6 - 11, 2019, in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Firstly, let’s have a look about some important sceneries on NAB Show as follows: 5G Is the Future...Or Is It? 5G Is the Future...Or Is It? - Taher Behbehani Secondly, the Scenes of NABSHOW 2019: As the leading digital and analog manufacture in China for nearly 20 years, SOUKA has taken the newest and innovative products: SKD30 and SKD19 digital modulators this time. SKD30 series can provide one-stop commercial video & audio solutions. With the characteristics of modular, versatile, air-cooled control, high density, network management system and smoothly upgrade Analog to Digital, SKD30 can easily deliver the high density signals (Tuner/ Wired signal/Self-running programs) in ATSC, DVBC, DVBT, ISDB-T, DTMB formats. SKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator Actually SKD19 is just a smaller version of SKD30, but much more economical than SKD30 series. It has 1 RU media platform, LCD display and 3 module slots, which can perfectly satisfy the needs of less-program but with the same performance as SKD30. SKD19 Series 1U Rack 12CH Encode Modulator SOUKA got high praise from the customer Finally, the SOUKA have got the high praise and appreciation from the customers worldwide. With the inspiration, we will devote us to the development of the digital modulators in the future. With the help of the development of 5G network, SOUKA will make a big progress in the Communication Industry worldwide.
Leading the way to your IP Future: CABSAT 2019
Mar. 18, 2019 Leading the way to your IP Future: CABSAT 2019
It’s the third time to attend the CABSAT Exhibtions on 12-14 Mar, 2019. As the crossroads between East and West, Dubai is really a nice place to explore more opportunities and markets worldwide. For years past, SOUKA’s digital products have got much more attention from the Middle East market. So Souka have caught this chance to deliver the latest and newest products for the customers. CABSAT 2019 (DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE) -- Such a leading event for broadcast, satellite & entertainment content in the Middle East & Africa. This year is the 25th edition, CABSAT is the ideal opportunity for all involved in technology for TV, Film, Satellite, Digital Media, eSports, Photography & Audio customers and providers worldwide. CABSAT 2019 DUBAI CABSAT 2019 DUBAI SOUKA's Booth HAll:5, STAND: D5-31 Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd, established in 2000, is one of the industry leading Analog & Digital modulators manufactures in Shen Zhen, Guang Zhou, China. Souka is its popular brand, which provides all kinds of Analog and Digital products (Support formats like DTMB,DVB-T,DVBC(J.83A/J.83B),ISDB-T,ATSC) for the customers worldwide, such as, 16 in 1 and 24 in 1 modulators now are the most popular products all over the world. This time, the latest and newest products of Souka include the SKD18 IP QAM Modulator and SKD32 IPTV Gateway. The SKD32 IPTV Gateway is a highly integrated and cost-effective IPTV signal receiving gateway developed by our company for hotel TV system.                                                                      SKD32 IPTV Gateway And SKD18 IP QAM Modulator is high performance and low cost, and is very suitable for use in digital TV headend systems in various business places (such as hotels, hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc.).                                                                    SKD18 IP QAM Modulator During the exhibition, SOUKA has attracted many customers’ consulation about the digital modulators and solutions. We also found the potential direction about the digital modulators, which will guide the way for us in the near future. Not only increased the brand awareness and exposure, but also won the approval of some customers. It has laid a good foundation for increasing market share for SOUKA’s digital modulators ...
【Big News】The SKD27 series digital modulators rooted in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mar. 11, 2019 【Big News】The SKD27 series digital modulators rooted in Sao Paulo, Brazil
SKD27 series (including HD and SD two series) is a digital modulator product developed by Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd that supports MPEG2 encoding. This product supports 16coding & modulation all-in-one module, and through the built-in mixed amplifier 1 single RF output.The product supports J.83A, J.83B, ATSC, DTMB, ISDB-T, and DVB-T modulation standards. Built-in WIFI function, supportsbutton, mobile APPandPC network managementtocontrolthedeviceforviewingand various-parametersettings. From the past sales statistics data, we found that most of the SKD 27 series have been sold and mostly used by the Chinese customers. But this time, we have found that the SKD 27 series digital modulators have been normally used in Sao Paulo,Brazil, and perfectly installed and tested by the hotel. Such a big news! This matter goes back to the beginning of November 2018,actually we have been cooperating with theBrazilian customer Emanuelon the analog modulators. Later he consulted us about ahotel cable TV project (HOLIDAY INNHotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil). The signal sources includes: satellite signal, wired signal and self-organized program,and the high-definition program is output to the TV of the room through the coaxial cable through the modulator.According to the requirements, we have recommended the SKD2715 high-definition digital modulator forthem, which can totally support the ISDB modulation standard. In view of the cooperation experience before, this time’s cooperation went smoothly in Brazil for the wonderful products and excellent service. Finally theBrazilian customer Emanuelhas made a decision to purchase 300 sets of this product at first. The first 40 sets of HD programs used today have passed the installation test. Following please enjoy the photos of installation and testing ofSKD2715inHOLIDAY INNHotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil from Emanuel. Brazilian customer Emanueldid the testing aboutSKD2715 This time, the installation of SKD2715 HD Encoder to ISDB-T RF Modulator has some difference, like putting the holein the position where he will installitand then install the module directly into the cabinet (There is a mixeron a row of SKD2715). And set theparameters of each module by two computersat the same time. SKD2715 digital modulator installation cabinet backcable The two layers of bottom are thesatellite receivers,and the signal is output from the receiver to the SKD2715 and then to our mixer. Side view ofSKD2715 installation cabinetcable The SKD2715 is a high-definition signal input and a single-channel single-frequency program RF output. So from thephotowe can see the connection of the HD input, the coaxial output cableand the power line. A large number of network cables next to it are the weak electrical engineering wiring of the hotel network. SKD2715 digital modulator installed in the hotel passed the test From this case,we can know that the SKD2715 digital modulator cannot onlywork as a module alone, but alsocan work without the SKD27 series cab...
How to build a hotel IPTV TV system?
Dec. 16, 2021 How to build a hotel IPTV TV system?
        The global hotel industry has now entered the era of experience economy, and smart hotels are the inevitable trend of hotel development. So how can we successfully build a smart hotel? , You can start from the following points.         1. Intelligentize existing resources and realize value-added operations. On the one hand, make more hotel facilities and guest room equipment intelligent, such as upgrading the room TV intelligent system, transforming traditional TV into a multilingual real-name welcome service, room service, marketing promotion, information release, VOD on-demand, etc. The integrated human-computer interaction platform, the cost of this transformation is not high, but it can bring several times the return on investment for the hotel. On the other hand, expand WIFI, WeChat, official website and other functions, and add interactive modules. For example, when guests connect to the hotel’s wireless network, they will automatically receive hotel coupons to increase their stickiness with customers.        2. Build a rich scene of guests staying in the store, and occupy more fragmented time of the guests. On the one hand, using the display attributes of TVs and flat-panels to transfer laundry, ordering and other services to the display terminal, optimizing the traditional room service process and improving service efficiency; on the other hand, introducing smart devices and slightly modifying traditional facilities to realize self-check-in , WeChat door opening, VOD on-demand, etc., to enhance guest experience.        3. Leverage the mobile Internet to provide decentralized management and social services. On the one hand, using the VOD on-demand system as the carrier, the hotel’s daily housekeeping management is mobilized, the process is simplified, and the structure is flattened. A new service model of "online response and fast service" is established to realize the link between management and service; On the one hand, use big data and cloud computing to make a personalized experience for guests and realize the link between people and services.       4. Create a smart hotel living circle and realize ecological operation. The hotel industry chain is changing from the relationship (B2B2C) between the supplier to the hotel to the guest (B2B2C) to the relationship between the hotel and its partners serving guests together (C2B&B). We hope to become a partner integrating third-party resources, centering on the three centers of marketing, management, and service, using "SOUKA" VOD system and "SOUKA" smart terminals and other headend products to create a mobile Internet life circle with the hotel. Serve hotel guests.
What is the difference between IPTV, Internet TV, and Smart TV?
Dec. 08, 2021 What is the difference between IPTV, Internet TV, and Smart TV?
       The rapid development of the Internet and the increasing participation of the Internet in traditional industries have caused traditional industries to be deeply affected by the Internet. The background of the Internet era makes companies pay more attention to user experience and content, which drives the transformation of the content and terminal system of the traditional TV industry. As a result, many new audiovisual media have emerged. In this, in addition to the online video we are used to hearing, OTT TV and IPTV are also constantly entering everyone's field of vision. What the hell are OTT TV and IPTV? What changes has the Internet brought to our audiovisual industry today?         1. Concept differentiation        OTT TV: The abbreviation of “Over The Top TV” is based on the public Internet as the transmission medium, and a TV set with a specific number bound to the network access function is used as the output terminal. The integrated broadcast control platform approved by the department (currently the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, referred to as the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the same below) to provide users nationwide with content services based on video-on-demand and graphic information services and other related value-added business services TV terminal. It means to provide services on the network, emphasizing the irrelevance of services to the physical network.        The word Over the Top comes from sports such as basketball and means "over the top pass".        Digital TV: It is an end-to-end system that digitally processes signals from program collection, program production, program transmission to the user end, and is based on DVB technical standards "broadcast" and "interactive" digital television.        Interactive Internet TV (IPTV): It is a technology that uses broadband networks to integrate Internet, multimedia, and communications technologies to provide home users with a variety of interactive services, including digital TV.        Smart TV: It is a TV product that has a fully open platform and an operating system. While enjoying ordinary TV content, users can install and uninstall various application software by themselves, and continue to expand and upgrade their functions.        2. What is the difference between OTT TV and IPTV?        1). In terms of business operation platform, the main body of OTT TV business operation is provided by 7 Internet integration platform licensees. Operators do not participate in the operation, and resources are transmitted to the terminal through the operator's bandwidth. After the user leases the operator's broadband service, the OTT service will no longer bring other benefits to the telecom operator.        IPTV...
SOUKA interactive TV system (IPTV) for school
Nov. 26, 2021 SOUKA interactive TV system (IPTV) for school
        Education informatization refers to the use of computer multimedia and network information technology in the field of education to promote the overall reform of education and adapt it to the new requirements of the information society for the development of education. In order to adapt to the development of education informatization, many schools have carried out informatization campus construction.        The interactive TV system is mainly installed in the classroom of the school. Teachers or students can watch live TV, on-demand movies, and instructional videos by clicking on our vod system through touch-screen TV. The interactive TV system can be spliced with the course recording and broadcasting module. The teacher can upload the recorded teaching video to the background through our background, and the students can easily watch the teaching video of the teacher. In addition, compared with traditional TV teaching, the interactive TV system can meet more individual needs, such as mandatory interruption, background statistics, etc., and is better adapted to information-based teaching.         The characteristics of campus IPTV IPTV (Internet Protocol TV, Interactive Personal TV) is also called interactive network TV. As a combination product of the development of digital TV and broadband network technology, it can broadcast programs interactively on the existing broadband IP platform. And it brings many value-added services, and it also represents the future development direction of video multimedia technology. With the development of broadband networks, digital TV technology and multimedia technology, IPTV has become a service with great market potential and has received more and more attention. Entry point. The pace of campus informatization construction has intensified. So far, thousands of colleges and universities have built their own campus networks. The establishment of IPTV systems in colleges and universities will have a huge impact on the learning and life of teachers and students.        Shenzhen Dingshengwei (SOUKA) combined the characteristics of the university network and the operation and management of the IPTV system, network transmission and value-added services, from software to hardware, and proposed a set of campus IPTV system solutions.        Campus TV stations are widely used in schools in the digital age. The practice of using the school’s original equipment to establish a digital campus network TV station system provides a low-cost digital video TV station program. In addition to completely replacing the original analog live broadcast system and greatly improving video clarity, it can also realize functions such as mobile live broadcast and cross-school live broadcast at any location in the campus, and an online video-on-demand function is added.                The...
The intelligentization of hotels has gradually become the trend of the future development of hotels
Nov. 17, 2021 The intelligentization of hotels has gradually become the trend of the future development of hotels
      The strength of a high-standard and international hotel is not only reflected in the complete hardware facilities and good geographical advantages, but also in the soft power of the hotel-the level of service. Intimate, thoughtful and standard international services are the core values of high-level hotels. In the age of intelligent information, IT technology has become the most critical factor supporting the level of hotel services.       Smart hotel enters the era of "smart service"       Smart hotels are a major trend in the development of the hotel industry in the future       The first, smart hotels must be intelligently designed around the needs of guests. In the future, our hotels will be intelligent, and now there are many intelligent houses, but the cost of building intelligent hotels will be very high. However, it is believed that with the maturity of intelligent building technology, the marginal cost will decrease. In addition, the operating cost of intelligent hotels will be lower, mainly due to the saving of labor costs.       The second, smart hotels must be able to achieve intelligent management. With the development of information technology, the traditional service industry is becoming more and more manufacturable. The traditional innovation theory is mainly aimed at the manufacturing industry. It is believed that the innovation of the service industry is mainly based on the mature technology of the manufacturing industry. Some people think that the innovation of the service industry is difficult to evaluate because each service product is unique. If you look at it from a unique perspective Looking at innovation, there is no doubt that every service product is innovating.       The transformation of hotel intelligence will form a huge industrial chain. Over the years, the hotel industry has developed quite maturely, and the number of domestic star-rated hotels is already a surprising number. The smart hotel technology is also slowly moving towards a mature development period, and the promotion of smart hotel projects is already a task that should be carried out nowadays. Through the intelligent transformation of hotels, a huge industrial chain will be formed, providing a large number of employment opportunities, stimulating the development of related industries, and further promoting the rapid development of Internet of Things technology.
SOUKA hotel interactive TV system (IPTV)
Nov. 11, 2021 SOUKA hotel interactive TV system (IPTV)
     "SOUKA" hotel interactive TV system, that is, the interactive smart TV system used in the hotel industry, is a kind of use of cable TV network and Ethernet data network, through the high-performance SOUKA set-top box, check in to the hotel with the TV as the terminal Guests provide interactive service systems including digital TV broadcasting, high-definition video-on-demand, comprehensive information query, business and travel value-added services and other functions. This system is a professional product that meets the needs of hotels, especially high-end star hotels, to provide guests with multilingual audio and video entertainment, information and functional services. It is the core of current hotel room informatization and digitization.      "SOUKA" Hotel Interactive TV Technology :       SOUKA set-top box: Hotel interactive TV set-top boxes are divided into two basic standard systems supporting digital television broadcasting (DVB) and supporting Internet television (IPTV).       Streaming media technology: The streaming media server supports multiple compression/decompression standards, and supports broadcast, carousel, and on-demand functions.       Intelligent interaction: realize intelligent interaction functions through other application systems. For example: docking with the hotel PMS management system to realize intelligent language switching, account settlement, online message, etc.; at the same time, it can perform data operations and functional operations with third-party systems, such as: real-time ticket booking, settlement and check-in printing, etc. .      Content management: support the packaging of the hotel's personalized interface, the publishing of text, pictures, audio and video, the operation and management of on-line and off-line.      The content of "SOUKA" hotel interactive TV :      Basic content: You can enjoy a variety of integrated latest TV functions and services, including: broadcast TV, Internet TV, satellite TV, etc. It supports regular recording and review of basic TV channels and paid channel programs.      Extended content: You can enjoy local TV carousel and on-demand services, such as: on-demand entertainment services that focus on movies on demand and include a variety of content; local-style food, transportation, tourism, fashion and other carousel channels.      Service content: The hotel provides customers with in-store ordering, shopping, message messages, quick checkout, automatic wake-up service functions, as well as security, recreation and other service information through interactive TV.      Business travel information and value-added services: travel information, weather, transportation, shopping, food, entertainment, etc. that are concerned and demanded by business travelers, as well as service functions such as me...
Build your own IPTV system, no need to re-cabling, no need to temporarily suspend business.
Nov. 03, 2021 Build your own IPTV system, no need to re-cabling, no need to temporarily suspend business.
      Dingshengwei (SOUKA) is a company that provides a complete head-end digital interactive video system, providing professional IPTV/hotel VOD solutions for domestic and foreign IPTV system operators and hotel VOD system integrators. We propose a perfect solution to the users based on the actual situation of the users. Then, we will provide the user with their own opinions and answer the advantages and disadvantages of each solution for them. 1. In the case of coaxial cable wiring, there are many old hotels and guesthouses in China. In the previous planning, the current IPTV was not considered. Now if you want to change to IPTV, you don’t want to change the original one. If the shaft cable is wired, Dingshengwei can also realize IPTV. We will put all the program sources in the head-end control room for processing, and put our network bridge local end and network bridge terminal at the weak current well and terminal respectively. The function of these two is to output the IP signal of our VOD system with a coaxial cable, and then separate it to the terminal and connect it to the STB. But for this kind of coaxial cable, it depends on whether the head-end equipment uses analog signals or digital signals, because these two signals are related to the clarity of the TV picture and the stability of the signal, and the installation is more complicated. 2. In the case of network cable wiring, it is more convenient to do so. We are not to mention it. As long as the hotel can provide a network cable interface to the back of the TV to connect to the set-top box, it will be more convenient for us. Just add our IPTV set-top box. With this kind of network cable wiring, the first is to facilitate management and future upgrades, and the second is to better receive program information, and the TV picture will be clearer and more stable. 3. In the case of coaxial cable + network cable wiring, I don’t have to say anything about this, because coaxial cable can transmit live programs, and network cable can transmit VOD. In this case, firstly, the risk is greatly reduced. If one party has a problem, the other party can keep working. This guarantees the hotel's service quality. 4. In the case of optical fiber cabling, more and more star-rated hotels in China have adopted optical fiber cabling. Because of optical fiber cabling, the first advantage is that in terms of network broadband, guests will be able to surf the Internet very smoothly; secondly, also The transmission speed and quality of our TV programs in IPTV system are also greatly provided. However, for the terminal part, the hotel still needs to provide equipment such as optical modems for our set-top boxes to connect with network cables, or purchase special floor switches in weak current wells. The new generation of souka IPTV set top boxes have been developed. If this kind of optical fiber wiring is used, the new souka set-top boxes can be directly connected in the later stage.
The Combination of SOUKA Digital Modulator
Aug. 14, 2018 The Combination of SOUKA Digital Modulator
The SKD27 digital modulator is an update version from the SOUKA's analog modulator SK-16M. It is far more felxible in install this modulator. Let's follow the below pictures to check it out.
Connectors of TV set
May. 16, 2018 Connectors of TV set
As the high definition TV become popular, our need for high definition program is growing great. But today, we are not going to talk about the needs, we will talk about the HD connectors in the TV set. Here is the picture: 1. Tuner Input: The traditional input connector for antenna or set top box. 2. RCA Input: Set top box, demodulators and cameras 3. VGA Input: VGA connector is design to transmit the analog signal. Now it is used is on SD digital modulators. There will be certain loss if your signal is from digital source. 4. HD Input: HD connector is the best to transmit the digital signal without any loss.There are three types : HD A (Standard one), HD C (Mini one), HD D (Micro one). To distrbute the high definition signal in the hotel, SOUKA has its 16 in 1 digital headend, which is integrated of 16 pieces hd input encoder modulators. This unit can easily transmits the HD signal into the RF system and pass through your current coax system.

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