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  • Adjacent channel 16 in 1 Analog Headend for Hotel Cable TV System
    Audio video modulator 16 channels
    3RU rack mounted chassis with 16PCS fixed channels analog modulator Read More
  • 24 in 1 Analog Fixed Channel Modulator Headend
    24 in 1 multiswitch
    3RU rack mounted chassis with 24PCS fixed channels modulators Read More
  • 16 IN 1 Digital Modulator Headend System
    16 in 1 encoder modulator
    The 16 IN 1 digital modulator headend to distribute the 1080P full HD signal Read More
  • DVB-T and ISDB-T Encoder Modulator
    DVB-T and ISDB-T Encoder Modulator
    The SKD2036C has a HD and CVBS input. It can convert digital signal into DVB-T or ISDBT signal. Read More
  • Single HD to RF MEPG2 ATSC/QAM Modulator
    ATSC/QAM modulator
    SKD2618 is an ATSC/QAM digital modulator with HD input. HD digital video source is encoded and modulated to high performance RF signal for modern TV reception. Read More
  • Dual HD Input Modulator With ISDB-T and DVB-T Modulation
    ISDB-T and DVB-T Modulation
    The SKD296X is a dual HD input digital modulator supports ISDB-T and DVB-T modulation Read More
  • SKD121X Encoding & Multiplexing Modulator
    Encoding & multiplexing modulator
    SKD121X is a device that combines encoding, multiplexing and modulation. 12 channels of HD or SD input, one RF and one IP output. Easy operation, intelligent functions such as alarm system, parameter import and export, and abnormal reminder. The left side of the chassis is equipped with a server-level cooling fan, automatic temperature control to adjust the speed ,extend the life of the fan while ensuring normal heat dissipation. Read More
  • SKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator
    3 Channel HD encode modulator
    SKD3013 3CH high-definition code modulator is independently developed by Shenzhen Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd (SOUKA Brand). The device supports three channels of high-definition signal input, encode multiplexing and then 1CH RF signal output, and the frequency range of the RF output is 150MHz ~ 1000MHz. Its signal source can be satellite receiver, various set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, etc. HD signal with output signals supporting DVB-T standard TV and set-top box reception. The device can be used in public places such as subways, market halls, theaters, hotels,Advertising systems such as resorts. It can also be used for monitoring, training and education companies, schools, hospitals, etc. In addition, high-definition sports channels and VIP entertainment channels are available in places such as bars. Second, product features and application range Read More
  • SKD19 Series 1U Rack 12CH Encode Modulator
    1U Rack 12CH encode modulator
    SKD19 series multimedia platform consists of one central control master and three pluggable function modules, Supporting HD encode multiplexing modulation integrated modules, HD encoding IP output module, satellite receiving modulation module, etc. Modular design, support for different function modules to mix and match for customers to choose Support internet and remote management system Easy front panel setup for quick and easy Read More
  • SKD50 Series AHD Signal Extender
    AHD signal extender
    This product is a high-definition image transmission device designed by Dingshengwei for monitoring. It mainly provides long-distance transmission for AHD high-definition video signals. This product can support 2 megapixel high-definition video and analog signals, suitable for all kinds of monitoring fields. Read More
  • SKD60 Series Dual Channel AHD Signal Extender
    Dual channel AHD signal extender
    This SKD60 Series Dual Channel AHD Signal Extender can multiplex two AHD camera signals into one RF signal, and transmit it over long distance through coaxial cable, save network resources and increase transmission distance, and is suitable for monitoring network. Read More
  • SKD81 IP Set Top Box
    IP set top box
    This product is a network TV set-top box designed by our company for hotels. Customize multi-language advertising background and LOGO, Advertising and subtitles push, WIFI hotspots. Read More

Dingshengwei Electronics Co.,Ltd

Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd (DSW) is dedicated to design, manufacture and sales of CATV analog & digital headend with our brand name SOUKA. DSW obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate authorized by CQC. We have 100 in-house skillful workers, which ensures the punctual delivery date. And a professional engineer team made up of 10 senior RF engineers and 6 IT engineers to fulfil precise management over all projects honored by our customers. As one of the most reliable suppliers in this field, we continually spare no efforts in developing DSW into a world recognized brand with trustworthy and solid reputation. DSW sincerely invites you to enjoy the fascinating experience of modern technology and excellent customer service provided for you by our professional staff. What does SOUKA specialize are: Our main products are modulators both in analog and digital ones, amplifier and combiner. We are the very first one in manufacturing the headend system in China. Our 16 in 1 and 24 in 1 now are the most popular products all over the world. In 2016,we launched the digital 16 in 1 headend with 1080P output,which supports all digital TV standards in the world. And we never stop our steps,more products will be released in the coming days. We are young but we have faith to find our path to the peak. ABOUT US CONTACT US
Latest News

  • 5G Era is Coming! NABSHOW 2019

    19-04-17 2019, this year is an epoch-making year with the appearance of 5G network. How will the 5G network affect the communication, such as, the television(TV), mobile, radio, video, and so on? It has already got much more interests and curiosity from the people around the whole world. With this great opportunity, we will have a close contact via this global annual event on NAB Show, held April 6 - 11, 2019, in Las Vegas, NV, USA.   Firstly, let’s have a look about some important sceneries on NAB Show as follows:     5G Is the Future...Or Is It?     5G Is the Future...Or Is It? - Taher Behbehani   Secondly, the Scenes of NABSHOW 2019:         As the leading digital and analog manufacture in China for nearly 20 years, SOUKA has taken the newest and innovative products: SKD30 and SKD19 digital modulators this time.   SKD30 series can provide one-stop commercial video & audio solutions. With the characteristics of modular, versatile, air-cooled control, high density, network management system and smoothly upgrade Analog to Digital, SKD30 can easily deliver the high density signals (Tuner/ Wired signal/Self-running programs) in ATSC, DVBC, DVBT, ISDB-T, DTMB formats.    SKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator   Actually SKD19 is just a smaller version of SKD30, but much more economical than SKD30 series. It has 1 RU media platform, LCD display and 3 module slots, which can perfectly satisfy the needs of less-program but with the same performance as SKD30.   SKD19 Series 1U Rack 12CH Encode Modulator       SOUKA got high praise from the customer   Finally, the SOUKA have got the high praise and appreciation from the customers worldwide. With the inspiration, we will devote us to the development of the digital modulators in the future. With the help of the development of 5G network, SOUKA will make a big progress in the Communication Industry worldwide.           Read More
    5G Era is Coming! NABSHOW 2019
  • Leading the way to your IP Future: CABSAT 2019

    19-03-18 It’s the third time to attend the CABSAT Exhibtions on 12-14 Mar, 2019. As the crossroads between East and West, Dubai is really a nice place to explore more opportunities and markets worldwide. For years past, SOUKA’s digital products have got much more attention from the Middle East market. So Souka have caught this chance to deliver the latest and newest products for the customers. CABSAT 2019 (DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE) -- Such a leading event for broadcast, satellite & entertainment content in the Middle East & Africa. This year is the 25th edition, CABSAT is the ideal opportunity for all involved in technology for TV, Film, Satellite, Digital Media, eSports, Photography & Audio customers and providers worldwide. CABSAT 2019 DUBAI CABSAT 2019 DUBAI SOUKA's Booth HAll:5, STAND: D5-31 Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd, established in 2000, is one of the industry leading Analog & Digital modulators manufactures in Shen Zhen, Guang Zhou, China. Souka is its popular brand, which provides all kinds of Analog and Digital products (Support formats like DTMB,DVB-T,DVBC(J.83A/J.83B),ISDB-T,ATSC) for the customers worldwide, such as, 16 in 1 and 24 in 1 modulators now are the most popular products all over the world. This time, the latest and newest products of Souka include the SKD18 IP QAM Modulator and SKD32 IPTV Gateway. The SKD32 IPTV Gateway is a highly integrated and cost-effective IPTV signal receiving gateway developed by our company for hotel TV system.                                                                      SKD32 IPTV Gateway And SKD18 IP QAM Modulator is high performance and low cost, and is very suitable for use in digital TV headend systems in various business places (such as hotels, hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc.).                                                                    SKD18 IP QAM Modulator During the exhibition, SOUKA has attracted many customers’ consulation about the digital modulators and solutions. We also found the potential direction about the digital modulators, which will guide the way for us in the near future. Not only increased the brand awareness and exposure, but also won the approval of some customers. It has laid a good foundation for increasing market share for SOUKA’s digital modulators ... Read More
    Leading the way to your IP Future: CABSAT 2019

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