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  • The Combination of SOUKA Digital Modulator
  • Connectors of TV set
    Connectors of TV set

    2019-07-29 17:47:40

    As the high definition TV become popular, our need for high definition program is growing great. But today, we are not going to talk about the needs, we will talk about the HD connectors in the TV set. Here is the picture: 1. Tuner Input: The traditional input connector for antenna or set top box. 2. RCA Input: Set top box, demodulators and cameras 3. VGA Input: VGA connector is design to transmit the analog signal. Now it is used is on SD digital modulators. There will be certain loss if your signal is from digital source. 4. HD Input: HD connector is the best to transmit the digital signal without any loss.There are three types : HD A (Standard one), HD C (Mini one), HD D (Micro one). To distrbute the high definition signal in the hotel, SOUKA has its 16 in 1 digital headend, which is integrated of 16 pieces hd input encoder modulators. This unit can easily transmits the HD signal into the RF system and pass through your current coax system.

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  • The difference between ATSC and QAM
    The difference between ATSC and QAM

    2019-08-01 15:52:59

    ATSC is shorten as Advanced Television Standards Committee while QAM is in short for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. QAM channels are designed to transmitted by coax, supporting MAX 38.4 Mbps of data. You might see from its constellation, it's a very stable 64 or 256 points of data. ATSC channel, also known as 8-VSB, is broadcast over the air and received from an antenna to your TV. Here is the 64 QAM constellation from our HDMI encoder modulator.Comparing to QAM, ATSC carries half the data-19.2Mbps. But this standard works better than QAM in air, where it has to bounce around obastacles and deal other types of interference. So in our SK-860AH digital encoder modulator, you can have these two standards in one and you can select by  the front panel or by the android APP.  We use 8VSB for the off-air signal and 64 QAM for the cable signal.

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  • Multi-TV-Standard Encoder Modulator
    Multi-TV-Standard Encoder Modulator

    2019-08-02 17:48:21

    As our 16 in 1 encoder modulator merges into the market and becomes the hot selling product, our customers are requiring more functions, like supporting multi TV standards in one. You might think this is unless but things do happen when you need DVB-C HDMI modulator and all you have is DVB-T ones. The SOUKA digital headend has intergated 6 modulation methods and 5 digital TV standards ( ATSC, DVB-T, DVB-C, DTMB, ISDB) in just one mini size box. You might select visa the front panel or by our APP. A simple touch and the problem just gone. The features of SOUKA's 16 in 1 digital modulator headend: 1)  16 HDMI input and 1 RF output 2)  Support 1080P 60Hz input and output as 1080P 30Hz 3)  Support ATSC,DVB-T,DVB-C,DTMB and ISDB in one 4)  Support front panel contrl and Andorid phone control 5)  Output frequency range : 50 - 1000MHz

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  • What is encoder-modulator ?
    What is encoder-modulator ?

    2019-08-05 17:26:41

    What is ENCODER? In Telecommunications, it is a device used to change a signal or data into a code. What is MODULATOR? In Telecommunications, it is a device to transfer a digital bit stream over a bandpass channel. In traditional digital cable system, one encoder requires one  modulator, or with the help of multiplexer, several encoders go with one multiplexer and one digital modulator. But this is no the smart way for hotels or hospitals in cost and setting up the system. What people  really wants is a device integrated the encoder and modulator into  one and simply without much unnecessary setting. And that is what  we gonna do. Our SK-860** is a new generation encoder-modulator designed for the subscribers who want simple and quick  roll-out. It only takes 3 steps to set up a private cable system. And comparing to the traditional system, SOUKA's SK-16D ( 16 IN 1 ENCODER-MODULATOR HEADEND ) only takes a small place in the rack and less power consumption. And most importantly, it is less $2,000 than the old system. Come and inquire now VISA

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