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Dingshengwei Electronics Co.,Ltd (DSW) is dedicated to design, manufacture and sales of CATV analog & digtal headend with our band name SOUKA. DSW obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate authorized by CQC. We have 100 in-house skillful workers, which ensures the punctual delievery date. And a perfessional engineer team made up of 10 senior RF engineers to fullfil precise management over all projects honored by our customer. As one of the most reliable suppliers in this field, we continually spare ... ABOUT US CONTACT US
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  • Trouble Shooting on Analog TV System

    17-04-21 Trouble Shooting Any system can be make or break the entire installation. I have been dealing with the complaint on modulators but most of the time the problem comes from the other part of system. And this is why I going to tell you in the following words. Golden Rule : Always check the connections before you blame the equipments. 1. Herringbone in TV Disconnect modulator from local channels and check modulated channel. If there is programming move the modulated channel. If the picture is snowy, use a low pass filter to block noise or data coming in from cable. 2. Horizontal Bars Rolling Through TV Picture 2.1. Check for a component of the system that is introducing DC power into the system. Disconnect that component and check TV. If the hum bars stop, use a DC blocker down stream from that component to block the power from getting to the TVs 2.2 If the rolling is only on the modulated channels, check for impedance mismatch by adjusting the video level adjustment pot. 3. Vertical Bars Rolling Through TV Picture Check for AC power getting on the line. Use a ground breaker in line. 4. Black and White Lines on one Local Channel Move modulated channel up to a new channel. If problem persists and all of the inputs of a multiple input modulator are not being used, check default channels on modulator to see if default channel is set to the same channel that the problem channel is. 5. Ghost on the Picture 5.1 Check for low quality combiner/spitter in system. Replace with high isolation combiner/splitter. 5.2 Check the type of coax used in system. Inadequate shielding in coax will cause ghosting. 6. Snowy Picture 6.1 Verify the modulator is set up for the proper TV channel band. 6.2 Verify the TV is set up on the proper TV channel band. 6.3 Read More
    Trouble Shooting on Analog TV System
  • SOUKA at CABSAT 2017

    17-04-17 SOUKA's ALL-IN-ALL-OUT headend with 16 HDMI input and 1 RF output, provides an intuitive interface that is both fast to learn and quick to work with. It only takes three steps and you will have a 16-HD-channel system. The 16 in 1 digital headend--SK-16D is like a small system, which is able to transmit the HDMI signal into any system standard(ATSC/DVB-C/DVB-T/DTMB/ISDB) connected to the network. The applications include universities, school, hospital, bar and conference rooms. You don't need to know that much on how to setting up the whole system, for we have integate the encoder and QAM modulator in that small box and set it perfectly to most of the situations. For those who want more professional settings, we also offer two kinds of control management : Mobile phone and computer software. Please find the links below: The SOUKA 16 in 1 encoder modulator headend with its compact design and competitive price has set fire to the market. However, in the coming day we will improve it from 16 HDMI input to 32 HDMI input with the same chassis. Read More
    SOUKA at CABSAT 2017

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