SKD30 Media Commercial Platform

The SKD30 is an ultra-compact headend for delivery HDTV content from cable, satellite and IPTV. With up to 16PCS hot-swapped function modules, the SKD30 can easily handle task like receiving, encoding, multiplexing and modulating. Thanks to its rich features, the SKD30 is perfect for CABLE TV and IPTV in hotels, schools, bars and so on.

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1. High Dense: Up to 16 modulator slots

2. Modular Design: All cards are hot-swappable and completely independent design

3. Robust Die-cast Case: Awesome RF shield with quick heat-sink

4. Versatility: 6 different function cards to cover all your needs

5. Uninterrupted Maintenance: Manage your device without cutting off the power supply

6. Automatic Setting Data Transfer: All seetings will be restored without second configuration

7. Redundant Power Supply: Two UL listed power supplies ensure excellent performance

8. Auto Speed Fans: Equiped with 5 auto-speed fans to save energy and extend the lifespan


HD Encoder Over IP

    HD Encoder Card 

SKD3010 SKD301X

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