【Big News】The SKD27 series digital modulators rooted in Sao Paulo, Brazil Mar 11, 2019

SKD27 series (including HD and SD two series) is a digital modulator product developed by Dingshengwei Electronics Co., Ltd that supports MPEG2 encoding. This product supports 16coding & modulation all-in-one module, and through the built-in mixed amplifier 1 single RF output.The product supports J.83A, J.83B, ATSC, DTMB, ISDB-T, and DVB-T modulation standards. Built-in WIFI function, supportsbutton, mobile APPandPC network managementtocontrolthedeviceforviewingand various-parametersettings.

From the past sales statistics data, we found that most of the SKD 27 series have been sold and mostly used by the Chinese customers. But this time, we have found that the SKD 27 series digital modulators have been normally used in Sao Paulo,Brazil, and perfectly installed and tested by the hotel. Such a big news!

This matter goes back to the beginning of November 2018,actually we have been cooperating with theBrazilian customer Emanuelon the analog modulators. Later he consulted us about ahotel cable TV project (HOLIDAY INNHotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil). The signal sources includes: satellite signal, wired signal and self-organized program,and the high-definition program is output to the TV of the room through the coaxial cable through the modulator.According to the requirements, we have recommended the SKD2715 high-definition digital modulator forthem, which can totally support the ISDB modulation standard. In view of the cooperation experience before, this time’s cooperation went smoothly in Brazil for the wonderful products and excellent service. Finally theBrazilian customer Emanuelhas made a decision to purchase 300 sets of this product at first.

The first 40 sets of HD programs used today have passed the installation test.

Following please enjoy the photos of installation and testing ofSKD2715inHOLIDAY INNHotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil from Emanuel.

Brazilian customer Emanueldid the testing aboutSKD2715

This time, the installation of SKD2715 HD Encoder to ISDB-T RF Modulator has some difference, like putting the holein the position where he will installitand then install the module directly into the cabinet (There is a mixeron a row of SKD2715). And set theparameters of each module by two computersat the same time.

SKD2715 digital modulator installation cabinet backcable

The two layers of bottom are thesatellite receivers,and the signal is output from the receiver to the SKD2715 and then to our mixer.

Side view ofSKD2715 installation cabinetcable

The SKD2715 is a high-definition signal input and a single-channel single-frequency program RF output. So from thephotowe can see the connection of the HD input, the coaxial output cableand the power line. A large number of network cables next to it are the weak electrical engineering wiring of the hotel network.

SKD2715 digital modulator installed in the hotel passed the test

From this case,we can know that the SKD2715 digital modulator cannot onlywork as a module alone, but alsocan work without the SKD27 series cabinet. This kind of module has great advantages in the expansion of the number of programs.

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