Broadcast Asia 2019: Explore the Hotel TV Future with SOUKA’s Digital Modulators Jul 25, 2019

Distinguished from the traditional exhibitions, this Broadcast Asia 2019 is leading the way for the digital media and broadcasting industries, especially in the East Asia, which has attracted many digital manufacturers/suppliers and customers from around the world. And SOUKA has also captured this chance and invited many customers and potential customers for face-to-face communication about the newest and innovative digital modulators.

Broadcast Asia 2019

Under the leadership of President Mr. Han, one team of SOUKA has honorably attended the Broadcast Asia Expo on 18-20, June, 2019. Not only had a deeply research about the Asia Market (Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, etc.), but also knew more about the needs of the customers for our digital products, which laid a solid foundation for the future development of SOUKA.

Once appeared on the Expos, SOUKA has got much more attentions from the old and new customers. Because there are so many consultations, President Mr. Han also took part in the team to give the detailed and vivid explanations and presentation for some customers. And the customers also were filled with admiration and respect with such wonderful presentation!

The Customer admired with the President Mr. Han’s Presentation

During this Broadcast Asia 2019, SOUKA has displayed several kinds of digital modulators, such as, SKD30, 1800, SK81 SET TOP BOX, 2036C, SKD1200, and small modules about 27 and 29 series.

The SKD30 HD encode modulator is a one-stop business video and audio solution provider for the hotels, entertainment facilities, schools and hospitals, which can support 16 (or 18) modules with 2 (or 1) hot-plug redundant power supply. According to the different modules, it can totally support DVBT, DTMB, ISDB-T, ATSC and DVBC modulation modes.

Broadcast Asia 2019(2)

With 1U chassis, the SKD18 IP QAM Modulator supports 1-3 chargeable IPQAM modules, and each module has one 1 IP input and 4 RF outputs. Most importantly, it can support unicast and multicast over UDP, IGMP V2/V3.

SKD18 IP QAM Modulator

About the other products, the SKD81 Set Top Box is a network TV set top box, with custom multi-language promotion background, Logo, ADs, subtitle push and Wi-Fi functions. If you want to use at home, SKD2036c encoder modulator is just a perfect choice for the incoming HD and CVBS signals. The SKD12 series is the modulator with complexion, multiplexing and modulation. Supports 12 HD / standard definition input, 1 RF / IP output; and MPEG2 and H.264 encoding.

SKD81 Set Top Box

With 3 days’ Exhibitions, SOUKA has got the great reputation among the customers, and made the big exploration about its brand SOUKA. The customers are not only very satisfied with our digital modulators, but also have great interest in the incoming new digital products in the near future.

Also we have established some good business relationship with the customers. There are some photos with the admired and praised customers as follows:

In general, it was such a successful business trip of Broadcast Asia 2019! It’s just the right time to capture the future for SOUKA!

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