SKD19 1RU Rack Media Commercial Platform

The SKD19 is designed to meet the growing small and multi-application requirements. This device can house three cards with various functional options in 1RU chassis. The supported cards are HD to IP encoder, Tuner to IP encoder, HD to RF encoder, Tuner to RF encoder and so on.

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1. Three slots with 6 different functional cards

2. All cards are hot-swapped design for uninterrupted maintenance

3. All settings will be stored automatically without second configuration

4. 1RU chassis design with less unnecessary cabling and room

5. Auto-speed fans for heat-sinking and long lifespan use

6. Simple step-by-step configuration by front panel buttons and NMS


HDMI to RF Encoder Modulator

TUNER to IP Card 

3 HDMI input with 1 Channel output

4 Tuner input with 1 Carrier output



HDMI to Analog Convertor

CVBS to IP Convertor

2 HDMI input with 2 analog channels output

4 CVBS input with 4 SPTS IP steam output



HDMI to IP Convertor

TUNER to IP Card

3 HDMI input with 3 SPTS IP output

4 TUNER input



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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.